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IR CPT: Curricular Practical Training

Course Description

Summer study and Internship for Fletcher MALD and MIB students who do not hold U.S. work authorization and who choose to engage in off-campus work or internship experiences in the United States. Experiential learning and application of academic experiences are standard components of a two-year master's level international affairs program. Requirements include successful completion of the Professional Development Program, mandatory attendance at two lectures, the internship and a presentation and Executive Summary at the conclusion of the internship. PhD students in the dissertation phase of their program will be eligible for up to 11 months of curricular practical training provided that they enroll in a .25 credit independent study under the supervision of their dissertation director. The course will be graded and based on a paper submitted by the student based on their internship experiences and the relationship to their PhD research. Students are eligible one time only during their degree program. Available only for F-1 visa holders. Please consult with the Registrar's Office for more information.