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DHP P258: Applied Research for Sustainable Development

Course Description

This course primarily consists of experiential learning through applied group research projects for clients. Students will spend the bulk of the semester conducting two projects for leading developmentorganizations in teams of two to five. In 2015, the clients were the Overseas Development Institute, the World Bank, and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. At the beginning of the term, lectures will be conducted on the process conducting rigorous-yet applied research. We will discuss the development of testable hypotheses, the acquisition of appropriate data for hypothesis testing, the art of policy analysis, techniques for effective team research, and writing policy memos that are both technically sound and persuasive. Open to students who have completed at least one of the following courses: DHP P250; EIB B284; DHP P257; DHP P254 ; DHP P255; EIB E243; EIB E247; EIB E213 and/or EIB E246. Students interested in taking this course but who have not taken one of the pre-requisite courses MUST seek permission of the instructor.

Course duration: Full semester
Credits/Units: 3.0