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DHP P231: International Communication

Course Description

The course covers international communication from three perspectives: its governance, its many- dimensional relationship with governments, and policy issues. Students explore different theories and examples of how different types of communication content and technology interact with sovereignty, politics, security, international relations, culture, and development. The course provides the foundations of this field with a structural approach. Topics covered include freedom of speech, global media and international journalism, public diplomacy, propaganda, media in democracies and totalitarian states, media influence on foreign policy, digital divide, intellectual property, privacy, convergence, security, media and political conflict and economic development.

Course faculty: Carolyn Gideon
Course duration: Full semester
Credits/Units: 3.0

Fall 2020

Faculty: Carolyn Gideon
Day(s): Tuesday, Thursday
Time: 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
SIS number: 84863

Final Exam

Consult instructor for exam details