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DHP D235M: Overview of Research Methods

Course Description

This is the introductory research module for Masters and PhD students, and is the foundation for Fletcher’s ‘Research Track.’  This module prepares students to come up with a draft research proposal that will be more fully fleshed out through a detailed exploration of qualitative and survey methods in subsequent modules.

Research Module 1 has the following goals:
-           to learn how to conceptualize and write up the design for any research project,
-           to provide an overview of qualitative, quantitative, and ‘mixed methods’
-           understand case studies from different social science perspectives
-           to develop a critical awareness of what constitutes sound empirical research and what does not.

Course faculty: Karen Jacobsen
Course duration: First half
Credits/Units: 1.5

Spring 2021

Faculty: Karen Jacobsen
Room: Mugar 235
Day(s): Wednesday
Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Final Exam

Consult instructor for exam details