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DHP D233: Migration and Human Rights: Movement, Community, and Mobilization

Course Description

This course explores the complex relationships among nationality, citizenship, migration, and human rights. The questions animating this course are the degree to which rights are inherent in human identity and the primary factors that define, promote, protect, or violate the rights of people who move. In considering these concerns, the course explores the nature of social and political community, ethics, and political rationality. The teaching begins with an historical review of the emergence of ideas of universal rights and the universalisation of the nation-state. It then discusses international and regional mechanisms outlining the rights of international migrants and questions the presumed importance of law, documentation and nationality in claiming practical rights and protections. The course concludes with an exploration of human rights practice in cities and towns in the United States, Africa, and elsewhere. The final section looks at strategies for claiming, enforcing, or restricting rights and their implications for a broader understanding of rights.
Not offered AY 2017-2018, 2018-2019.