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Fletcher Committees

Standing Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Standing Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a recently-created committee of faculty, students, staff, and Alumni. The committee addresses issues faced by faculty, students, and staff, and will implement Fletcher's Diversity and Inclusion Action Agenda. The Standing Committee also works closely with the various diversity and inclusion groups on campus. 

Adrian Thomas, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, serves as Chair of the Standing Committee reporting to Executive Associate Dean, Maribel Blanco. 

Committee members are:

  • Faculty Members: Katrina Burgess, John Cerone, Carolyn Gideon, Melissa McCracken, Elizabeth Prodromou, Shinsuke Tanaka, and Ibrahim Warde.
  • Staff Members: Roxanne Collins, Katie Mulroy, Yaritza Pena, Sara Rosales, Cynthia Rubino, Mary Ellen Vigeant
  • Student Members: Padmini Baruah, Tracy Jenkins, Neiha Lasharie, Nicholas Cicchinelli 
  • Alumni Representative: Cacilda Teixeira and Sydney Diavua
  • Ex Officio Members: Maren Greathouse, Gerard Sheehan

Faculty Committee on Diversity and Inclusiveness

Fletcher’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusiveness (D&I Committee) meets regularly to collaborate on a wide range of initiatives that impact faculty and the curriculum.

The D&I Committee is a committee of the Faculty, chartered to focus on issues within the purview of the faculty. It reports progress to the Standing Committee through the Academic Council and the Academic Dean.

Tufts Committees

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council

Chaired by President Monaco, the Tufts Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council guides the university’s strategy and policies to advance diversity and inclusion among the student body, faculty, and staff to make the university more inclusive and welcoming to all.

Tufts University Cabinet on Diversity & Inclusion

Reporting to the Provost, and chaired by the university's Chief Diversity Officers, the Tufts University Cabinet on Diversity & Inclusion serves as a resource for the Provost's Office and school Deans. Members of the cabinet include the Assistant/Associate Deans for Diversity and Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officers, the Associate Directors for Diversity and Inclusion Education and Training, and other school-level D&I representatives.