Why Fletcher: Robert Hormats (F66, F67, F70)

Fletcher alumnus Robert Hormats served as Undersecretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environment (2009-2013) and is now Vice Chairman at Kissinger Associates. Robert discusses how the real-world training that students receive at Fletcher leads to successful careers, and explains the value of the Fletcher alumni network. Watch

The Boston Advantage

There are many reasons why students choose Fletcher, including our location. Here, Dean Stavridis discusses the benefits of studying in the “intellectual heart of the United States.” Learn more

Summer Coffee Hours

Throughout the summer, our students host coffee hours for prospective students across the world! We invite you to learn more about Fletcher in your own city from those who know it best. Learn more

Why Fletcher: Karoun Demirjian, Class of '06

Karoun Demirjian, Class of '06, is a reporter for The Washington Post, covering defense and foreign policy issues on Capitol Hill. Here she discusses how her Fletcher experience equipped her with the critical thinking skills to excel in her field. Watch more alumni videos

Not All Countries Are Ready for a Cashless World

The Institute for Business in the Global Context recently examined which countries have the greatest potential for unlocking the value of a cashless society, and which nations are not yet ready to migrate from paper currency. Read more

Researcher Rebecca Pearl-Martinez Receives Prestigious Energy Honor

Researcher Rebecca Pearl-Martinez received the Advocacy Award from the Clean Energy Education & Empowerment Initiative. Her newest research aims to prove the economic and social benefits of closing industry's gender gap. Including women makes economic sense, and women's participation in the energy workforce could accelerate the economy. Learn more


The Fletcher School Summer Internships 2015
Fletcher Summer Internships

To keep track of each other’s whereabouts, students created this map with their summer internship destinations.  While not covering the complete planet, they’re certainly spread far and wide.

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Coffee Hours Around the World
Throughout the summer, our wide-traveling students are hosting coffee hours for prospective students in more than 50 cities across the globe! We invite you to learn more about Fletcher in your own city from those who know it best.

For more on- and off-campus options, see our calendar.

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Dean's Blog

"To Know The World"

Check out Dean Stavridis' blog, a source for news and information about the Fletcher community and its impact around the world.

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The Fletcher School: Faculty Research
Faculty Research Our faculty conduct and publish research that advances the world's understanding of complex international issues, impacting both policy and practice. Explore by topic, faculty member and date.
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