MIB Classroom with laptops

Master of International Business

Russian oil groups and oligarchs feel the impact of sanctions
    Financial Times, August 10
China’s Energetic Enforcement of Antitrust Rules Alarms Foreign Firms
    New York Times, August 10
Mandarin lessons: Governments must rethink how they motivate civil servants
    The Economist, August 9

Every day, headlines like these test your contextual intelligence. They remind us how profoundly the world is changing, and how business is not only affected by change, but how it is also essential to solving problems and unlocking opportunities.

In such a world, a Fletcher pedigree is more critical than ever. Fletcher’s Master of International Business (MIB) degree is uniquely positioned to develop your contextual intelligence by honing the ability to recognize the impact of politics, law, culture, and society on the world of business.

Housed within the Institute for Business in the Global Context, the MIB combines concrete global business skills with a nuanced understanding of core international affairs areas like geopolitics, law, negotiations, and leadership. Designed like a dual MBA-international affairs degree, the curriculum is crafted to ensure that students develop deep competency in international business practices and a nuanced understanding of the global business context. Students deepen their knowledge in areas ranging from humanitarian issues to security to corporate finance, while expanding regional expertise. Through our research centers, faculty, and courses, students can take full advantage of our global reach.