African Politics, African Peace report cover on flag background

The most extensive review the African Union's peace missions ever conducted. Access the report on the project website.

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Access case study and thematic research that forms the most extensive review of AU peace missions ever conducted.

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Will famine and conflict-induced mass starvation end in our lifetime? Access the new WPF dataset, Famine Trends.

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How Mass Atrocities End book cover against soft background

Edited by Bridget Conley-Zilkic, the book analyses the processes, decisions, and factors that end mass atrocities.

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The Real Politics of the Horn of Africa book cover

Alex de Waal's new book delves into the business of politics in the turbulent, war-torn countries of north-east Africa.

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Access the second cartoon series by Alex de Waal and Victor Ndula on the political marketplace in South Sudan.

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Stimulating a new conversation about corruption and the global arms business.

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In Memoriam

In Memoriam, for Fred Thorne

Fred Thorne image WPF Chairman Peter Blum memorializes Fred Thorne, former WPF Trustee who recently died, stating, "Fred was wise and warm, funny, tough-minded, loyal, savvy as could be, and surprisingly humble."
Student Opportunity

Student Seminar Competition

The WPF invites proposals from students at the Fletcher School for a two-day seminar to be held on campus in February 2017. You choose the topic and WPF will cover all expenses. The deadline for proposals is October 7, 2016. Access the full guidelines.

What went wrong in South Sudan

Alex de Waal Al Jazeera interviewSee Alex de Waal on Al Jazeera's Inside Story and access his Occasional Paper on South Sudan, published  March 24, 2016 which provides additional background on the mounting threats that contributed to  the outbreak of violence on July 8.
WPF Fellows

New WPF Fellows

Solomon Dersso headshotWorld Peace Foundation is pleased to welcome Dr. Solomon Ayele Dersso as a visiting Fellow.  Dr. Dersso is a leading legal scholar and analyst of peace and security and current African and African Union (AU) affairs. Learn more about his work and others on the  World Peace Foundation Fellows page.


African peace research

Access the core thematic and case study research that makes "African Politics, African Peace" the most extensive review of African Union peace missions ever conducted. Topics include: The African Peace and Security Architecture, mandates and doctrine for peace missions, unconstitutional changes in government, preventing and responding to mass atrocities, protection from sexual and gender based violence, sanctions, mediation, and over 20 case study profiles.

Practical Security: Security Sector Reform in Stormy Waters


Peace Missions in Africa

African Pplitics African Peace report coverWPF report, African Politics, African Peace charts an agenda for peace in Africa, focusing on how the African Union can implement its norms and use its instruments to prevent and resolve armed conflicts. It is an independent report of the WPF, supported by the African Union, and is the most extensive review of the African Union’s peace missions ever conducted. It is based on detailed case studies and cross-cutting research, and draws on consultations with leading experts, peacekeepers, and mediators.
New WPF Publication

How Mass Atrocities End

Book cover How Mass Atrocities End sunrays breaking through cloudsNow available through Cambridge Press, How Mass Atrocities End presents an analysis of the processes, decisions, and factors that help bring about the end of mass atrocities. It includes qualitatively rich case studies from Burundi, Guatemala, Indonesia, Sudan, Bosnia, and Iraq, drawing patterns from wide-ranging data. How Mass Atrocities End offers a much needed correction to the popular “salvation narrative” framing mass atrocity in terms of good and evil.

WPF Publication

The Real Politics of the Horn of Africa

Political Marketplace book cover stacks of moneyAlex de Waal's latest book draws on his thirty-year career in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, including experience as a participant in high-level peace talks, to provide a unique and compelling account of how these countries leaders run their governments, conduct their business, fight their wars and, occasionally, make peace.


In the News

Writing Human Rights and Getting It Wrong

Alex de Waal photo World Peace Foundation Executive Director Alex de Waal explores the ethical challenges of writing human rights in this candid and provocative article in the May/June issue of the The Boston Review.  Available online :


South Sudan Occasional Paper

New analysis by Alex de Waal argues that South Sudan today is a collapsed political marketplace. He also warns that the convergent economic, security and political crises mean that South Sudan is entering an extremely dangerous phase.

WPF Supported Project

Remembering the Ones We Lost

WPF is proud to support the work of South Sudanese civil society actors as they document the names of people killed in South Sudan's conflicts since 1955. As the website states, "This project is designed for one purpose: to honor the memory of each person who has died or gone missing during conflict in South Sudan."

The danger of researching ‘in silos’: lessons from the Chinese famine of 1876-9

  • As a researcher, it is easier to replicate the work of scholars who have already worked on a subject, than to come up with original research. This is, of course, self-evident, but it is a trap that is surprisingly difficult to evade. I learned this the hard way, when researching the Chinese famine of 1876-1879.

  • Staying safe in armed conflict contexts

  • In case you missed our program this afternoon, below is a re-cap via storify, with thanks to Roxani Krystalli. The program, Staying safe in armed conflict contexts: What do crisis-affected people prioritize and does it work? Do humanitarian actors and others take note?, focused on self-protection.
  • Event Summary: Legacies of Political Violence in Latin America

  • At what point and for what reasons does political violence evolve into genocide? When, if at all, does a genocide end? Does post-conflict violence constitute a legacy of genocide or its continuance? On September 15, 2016, the World Peace Foundation hosted a presentation of Dr. Roddy Brett’s new book, “The Origins [...]