CIERP, The Fletcher School

CIERP develops innovative approaches to sustainable, environmentally responsible global development.

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CIERP partners with Professors of Practice to bring real-world knowledge into the classroom

CIERP partners with Professors of Practice to bring real-world knowledge into the classroom.

Kartikeya Singh addressed the 2014 Arctic Circle Assembly

The Center provides funds to its students for research and conference attendance.

CIERP, The Fletcher School

The Center partners with various organizations to host conferences, speakers and networking opportunities.

Paul Polman is the inaugural speaker for CIERP's Global Speakers Series

CIERP's Global Speakers Series featured Paul Polman as its inaugural speaker.

Center News

Paul Polman

Paul Polman Fletcher UnileverThe Center for International Environment and Resource Policy launched its Global Speaker Series on April 9, 2015, with inaugural speaker Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, who also spoke at the IBGC's Inclusion, Inc. forum.


Honors and Awards

James L. Paddock Teaching Award

Jenny Aker

The Fletcher Student Council has just announced Professor Jenny Aker's selection as this year’s recipient of the James L. Paddock Teaching Award. The award honors a faculty member who best exemplifies excellence in teaching. We look forward to honoring Jenny's tremendous contributions to her students and to the communities to which she belongs on graduation day -- May 15, 2015.


Center Updates

Welcome Rebecca Pearl-Martinez

The Fletcher School welcomes Rebecca Pearl-Martinez, Head of Renewable Equity Project at CIERP. Pearl-Martinez has more than 18 years of experience working in international development, focusing on clean energy and climate change. She has already begun actively participating in the Fletcher community.

Muslim, Trader, Nomad, Spy

Muslim Trader Nomad SpyIn 1959, the Dalai Lama fled Lhasa, leaving the People's Republic of China with a crisis on its Tibetan frontier. Professor Khan tells the story of the PRC's response to that crisis and, in doing so, brings to life an extraordinary cast of characters: Chinese diplomats appalled by sky burials, Guomindang spies working with Tibetans in Nepal, traders carrying salt across the Himalayas, and Tibetan Muslims rioting in Lhasa.
Research and Education

Executive Education in South Africa

Mieke van der Wansem South Africa In February, CIERP's Associate Director Mieke van der Wansem lead an executive education training program, "Negotiation Skills for Sustainable Protected Areas," in South Africa.
Research and Education

Confronting Climate Change

Professor Emeritus Bill Moomaw and CIERP Predoctoral Fellow Kartikeya Singh travel with the Belfer Center's Environment and Natural Resources Program (ENRP) to Iceland to confront dangerous climate change. #ArcticCircle2014
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Fletcher Updates

First-Year Alumni: Christina’s transition to development

  • Returning once more, probably for the last time in the First-Year Alumni feature, to the Class of 2014, we meet Christina Brown, for whom study at Fletcher was one step in a multi-step career transition.

    Three years ago, I was packing up my classroom after finishing another year of teaching physics, and now [...]

  • Tufts Common Reading Program: Acts of Faith

  • Though (long ago), I had regular contact with the office of the Tufts University chaplain, I was definitely due for an update on the chaplaincy’s work on campus.  Reverend Greg McGonigle recently provided just such a refresher in a presentation to the Fletcher staff.  We learned (among other things) that Fletcher students are [...]

  • Fletcher in the (Tufts) news

  • Our most recent “Tufts Now” summary included links to two stories about Fletcher.

    First, a report on Patrick Meier, F12 — a graduate of the PhD program (who spent one year on the Admissions Committee!) — regarding his work on crisis mapping and his new book on the topic.

    And next, a [...]