CIERP, The Fletcher School

CIERP develops innovative approaches to sustainable, environmentally responsible global development.

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CIERP partners with Professors of Practice to bring real-world knowledge into the classroom

CIERP partners with Professors of Practice to bring real-world knowledge into the classroom.

CIERP, The Fletcher School

The Center partners with various organizations to host conferences, speakers and networking opportunities.

Paul Polman is the inaugural speaker for CIERP's Global Speakers Series

CIERP's Global Speakers Series featured Paul Polman as its inaugural speaker.

Center News

Google Solve

Solve Talks at GoogleIf you didn't manage to get a ticket for the sold out Solve talk at Google with Professor Kelly Sims Gallagher watch back here...
New Research

Energy Research

Energy Policy Cover ImageNew research from Professor Kelly Sims Gallagher and PhD candidate Fang Zhang explores how China inserted itself into global clean energy innovation systems by examining the case of the solar PV industry.
Recent Events


Christiana Figueres and Kelly Sims Gallagher in the Hall of Flags
Christiana Figueres with Professor Kelly Sims Gallagher after speaking in the International Energy Policy class
New Research

Agriculture Research

Land Use Policy CoverTwo new research papers published by Avery Cohn linking agriculture, land use change, and climate in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

DoE spending

Total DoE Energy R&D Investments FY1978-FY2015

Updated database on U.S. government investments in energy research, development, demonstration, and deployment (ERD3) through the Department of Energy released. The database, in Microsoft Excel format, tracks DOE appropriations from FY 1978–2016 and the 2017 budget request, includes funding for ERD3 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in raw data and in chart form.

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Fletcher Updates

WTHIF 2016

  • Continuing an annual tradition, for last night’s Fletcher Follies event students compiled clips of their classmates dancing in locations around the world.  Why do I love the yearly Where the Hell is Fletcher video?  Is it because of the dancing or the cinematography?  Ummm, no.  It’s because students care enough about being part of the [...]

  • A few quick housing links

  • I don’t steal from my past writing as much as I could (or, even, should), but today I thought I’d toss out the links to a couple of past posts on housing.  Lots of enrolling students are starting to think about where they’ll be living come September.

    My first link takes us back to when [...]

  • Aditi’s Annotated Curriculum

  • Less than a month remains before graduation in May.  Let’s take a look at the two-year Annotated Curriculum of Aditi, one of our graduating bloggers.

    Pre-Fletcher Experience
    Dasra, Mumbai, India
    PRS Legislative Research, New Delhi, India

    Fields of Study
    Development Economics
    Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation (self-designed)

    Post-Fletcher Professional Goals