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Economics is too important to be understood by economists alone.  EconoFact offers expert opinion in an easily understood and accessible manner for journalists, policy-makers and the general public.

EconoFact is an initiative of The Fletcher School that draws on the research, teaching and policy experience of the more than 100 economists in its Network to present incisive economic analysis on important and timely economic and social policies.

EconoFact publishes non-partisan memos to a wide public on issues such as jobs and employment,  fiscal and tax policy, international trade and financeimmigrationthe social safety net and many others.

EconoFact also features a weekly podcast, EconoFact Chats, in which Professor Michael Klein, the Executive Editor of EconoFact, interviews economists and top economic journalists on topics such as macroeconomic policystresses in financial marketschallenges to higher educationchildcare and reopening the economyresolving the high government debt incurred during the COVID-19 crisisthe politics of the pandemic and policing in minority communities.

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