Master of Arts Requirements

Fletcher's interdisciplinary curriculum provides both the fundamental knowledge and practical skills students need to enhance their careers in international relations. Students choose courses to suit their academic and professional goals from each of the three divisions: international law and organizations; diplomacy, history and politics; and economics and international business.

The MA's breadth requirement (one course from each division) lends structure and interdisciplinary thinking to the MA program. Individual students freely choose the courses to meet the breadth requirement as well as the remaining courses needed to complete the program. This high degree of flexibility allows students to select courses that match their own functional and/or regional interests so students can design a program suited to their own specific academic and professional goals.

While none of the following options are required, students may further tailor their MA studies in the following ways:

  • Cross-registration at the graduate and professional schools at Tufts and Harvard Universities
  • Completing a field of study

Graduation Requirements

To fulfill requirements for the degree of MA, a student must:

  • Pass eight Fletcher-approved course credits, including at least one Fletcher course in each of the three divisions of the curriculum: ILO, DHP, and EIB.
  • Submit and have approved by a member of the faculty a capstone project (see Student Handbook). Entering students receive a Plan of Study Form in their registration packets. This form enables the student and the academic advisor to determine a plan of study with their advisor prior to enrolling in courses.