Sub-Saharan Africa

Many Fletcher students are interested in the nations of Africa and are planning for careers that will take them there. Both inside and outside the classroom, there are many opportunities to develop understanding of the region.

Through classes ranging from Rule of Law in Post Conflict Societies; to Migration and Human Rights: Movement, Community, and Mobilization; or Agriculture and Rural Development in Developing Countries, students weave their geographic interests into their curriculum.

Beyond the classroom, an active Africana Club gives students a forum to arrange for speakers to come to campus or for other events such as 2014's Africana Conference. Members of the faculty conduct research in and write about African economic development, legal systems, and human security challenges. The Institute for Business in the Global Context has sponsored research on financial inclusion and organized Africa's Turn, a seminar on business opportunities in the area. The World Peace Foundation is researching peace missions in Africa, and has previously conducted research in Sudan and Eritrea.

With all these curricular and extracurricular opportunities to focus on the African continent, it is not surprising that so many students build Africa-related content into their studies at Fletcher.

    • "Culture and Women’s Rights: CEDAW’s Article 5(a) Implementation in West Africa"
    • "Investment and Income Effects of Food Aid: The Impact of a BRAC Food for Training Program on Investments in Non-Durable and Durable Goods in South Sudan"
    • "Financial Inclusion in Rwanda: Determinants of Savings Behavior at SACCOs"
    • "Input Optimization & Farming Outcomes: An Econometric Impact Evaluation of the Land Husbandry, Water Harvesting & Hillside Irrigation Agricultural Savings Program in Rwanda"
    • "Contract Farming in Mozambique: Agricultural Productivity and Welfare Impacts"
    • "Food Security, Monoculture, and the Black Box: Impacts and Causal Mechanisms of the LWH Program in Rwanda"
    • "Learning in Emergency Programs: World Vision Kenya"
    • "The Food Price Crisis of 2008: Policy and Programmatic Responses to Food Insecurity in Niger"
    • "Mapping Risk and Resilience in the Central African Republic: Human Security Perspectives"
    • "Global Acute Malnutrition Among Children in Karamoja"
    • "Dig for Fire: A Proposal for Power Sector Reform in Somaliland"
    • "The Illegal Oil industry in Nigeria: Its Origins and Consequences"
    • "Navigating Nairobi: Digital Innovation in Mobility Services"
    • "Customer Experience Assessment for Antibiotic Packaging in Rwanda"
    • "Mass Atrocity Prevention in the Twenty-First Century: Assessing the Risk for Violence in Burundi and Examining Options for US Government Policy"
    • "The Emergence of Kenya's Innovation and Technology Ecosystem"
    • "Conflict sensitivity of humanitarian action: the context of North Kivu, the Democratic Republic of Congo (2006-2015)"
    • "The Roots and Allegiances of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act"
    • "Rise of Private Equity in Africa: Changing Landscape and Imminent Challenges with Cases from Kenya"
  • Kenya
    Club Leaders: Anne Angwenyi (F02)Viviane Chao (F02)

    Club Leader: Tega Shivute (F06)

    Club Leader: Ja-Eun Lee (F15)

    Club Leader: Hildah Birungi (F02)

    Club Leader: Patrick Gilmartin (F13)

    South Africa
    Club Leader: Jacques Roussellier (F01)