The Middle East & North Africa

The great diversity of countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and the complicated issues they face, ensure that many students will select Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization as one of their fields of study. Curricular offerings are enhanced by opportunities to engage with the Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies, which supports research and conferences relevant to the region. Since 2014, Fletcher has also partnered with the International Committee of the Red Cross in a project studying migration flows through the Sahel region and North Africa.

Beyond the classroom and academically oriented extracurricular activities, students also participate in the Mediterranean group, which helps to organize the annual Mediterranean Night cultural event, and have created groups to consider issues of timely importance, such as, in 2015, the Fletcher Syria Crisis Working Group.

    • "Investment and Income Effects of Food Aid: The Impact of a BRAC Food for Training Program on Investments in Non-Durable and Durable Goods in South Sudan"
    • "A GIS-Based Analysis of Adherence to Minimum Humanitarian Standards in the Planning of Za'atari and Azraq Refugee Camps, Jordan"
    • "Advancing Water Security the Sahel: Prospects and Considerations for US Defense Sector Engagement"
    • "The Role of Memory in Peace and Reconciliation: The Case of The Lebanese Civil War (19750-1990)"
    • "Free Companies: Jihadi Group Origins and the Jihadi Industry"
    • "Analyzing Foreign Females and Males in ISIL through a Gender Perspective"
    • "The Subtle Dance of Escalation: A Case Study of the Conflict Over Oil Revenue Sharing in Iraq"
    • "Host communities and the local politics of integration: Jordan's response to the Syrian refugee crisis"
    • "Investing in Erbil’s Water Infrastructure: A Pathway Toward Sustainable Development in Iraqi Kurdistan?"
    • "Within the Colonial Context: What Are the Limits to the Self-Determination of Peoples? The Cases of the Western Sahara and Palestine"
    • "Patterns of Attack: Understanding Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb"
    • "Kuwaitis, Withouts, Illegals, Comorans: Citizenship, International Law and the Bidun"
    • "Resilient Monarchies: Security Sector Reform in Morocco and Bahrain"
    • "How Should Oman Continue its State-Support Programs for Women Working in the Handicrafts Industries?"
    • "Meet the New Boss? The Changing Role of Youth in Tunisian Politics, 2010- 2014"
    • "A Legal Red Line in a Moral Grey Cloud: The Syria Case in Perspective"
    • "Acculturation of Non-Democratic States in International Human Rights Regimes: A Case Study of Non-Democratic Muslim Countries"
    • "Civil Society: A force for transitional stability? The case of Tunisia"
    • "Not an Arab Spring! Identity Politics in North Africa: The Amazigh Question and Fragile Democracies"
    • "To What End? The Evolution of Israeli Counterinsurgency in the West Bank and Gaza Strip"
  • Israel
    Club Leaders: Jordan Herzberg (F98)

    Saudi Arabia
    Club Leader: Jamil Al Dandany (F87)

    United Arab Emirates
    Club Leader: Paul Bagatelas & Christine Lauper Bagatelas (F87)