With its pivotal role in world affairs, Europe is naturally an area of focus for many Fletcher students.  Whether they link the countries of the continent to their study of the environment, security, or international economics, there are faculty members able to support their interests.  With classes focused directly on Europe, such as U.S.-European Relations Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall; Europeanization and the Domestic Impact of European Integration; and Political Economy and Business of the European Union; as well as others, such as Comparative Legal Systems that look at Europe along with other regions, there are ample offerings to self-design a Europe field.

Members of the faculty with a special interest in European affairs include Cecile Aptel and Klaus Scharioth. Student groups with a focus on the region include the European Affairs Society (Euro Club); conferences and lectures focused on Europe are regular offerings.

Finally, there is a joint degree program and many exchange programs that offer students the opportunity to study for a semester or a year in Europe, including: