Philipp Uhlmann

Philipp A. Uhlmann

Mugar 251C
160 Packard Avenue, Medford, MA 02155
Research/Areas of Interest:

International finance and capital markets; Economics and political business cycles, especially as these areas relate to multinational financial services, valuation, international project finance, country risk management and international relations


  • M.S.Sc., Maxwell School, Syracuse University
  • Ph.D., The Fletcher School
  • Bcom, University of British Columbia
  • MBA, University of Toronto


Philipp Uhlmann, adjunct assistant professor of international business, has an extensive background in international banking, finance, and economics. He received his Bachelor of Commerce, with a specialization in Finance, from the University of British Columbia. Uhlmann holds graduate degrees in business and international relations, respectively from the Rotman School, University of Toronto, and the Maxwell School, Syracuse University. He received his Ph.D. from The Fletcher School of Tufts University.

Prior to undertaking his doctoral studies, Uhlmann worked for more than 25 years at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, primarily in Vancouver and Toronto. He has substantial international risk management expertise, particularly in the areas of country risk and international banking systems. His dissertation, “See How They Run: Linkages Between National Elections and the Behavior of International Banking Flows in Developing Countries,” deals with how banking funds flow into and out of emerging market countries around national election dates. His research interests include international finance, economics and political business cycles, especially as these areas relate to multinational financial services, country risk management, and international relations. He also has a special interest in International Project/Infrastructure Finance.

Uhlmann has also been active with the Tavitian Scholars Program at Fletcher since 2003, a program that works to advance government professionals in Armenia. He currently teaches international finance, operations of financial institutions, large investments and international project finance, and corporate financial strategy—the MSF capstone course, at Bentley University, Waltham, MA. He has taught at Fletcher since 2003.

Areas of expertise

Economic Development
International Business
International Finance & Monetary Policy

Professional Activities

  • Has taught finance in the Fletcher Summer School since 2003
  • Assistant Professor, Finance, Bentley College - teaches International Finance, Capital Markets II and Project Finance
  • Consultant and international financial adviser specializing in banking and financial services and risk management, especially country risk
  • Special interests in international Project Finance and developing country financial systems and capital markets
  • Taught in Armenia in August 2004

Courses taught