Nene-Lomotey KUDITCHAR is senior member of the Department of Political Science, University of Ghana (UG). He is also an adjunct instructor at the UG's Legon Center for International Affairs and Diplomacy, the Center for Migration Studies and the Institute for Statistical Social and Economic Research. In addition, serves as an instructor at the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College on its Master of Science in Defense and International Politics program. Nene is a research fellow of the Center for Asian Studies, University of Ghana and a former research associate of the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development where he worked as part of a team on an ETH Zurich-based six-nation research project dubbed "Ethnic Power Relations and Conflict in Fragile States". This is in addition to being is a past Fellow of the Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa where he conducted research on the theme "Reciprocity and Extremism in the Context of a Stable African Democracy: The Ghana Western Togoland Secessionist Movement in Perspective". He is currently a project team member of the Katekisama Program, an academic collaboration between the Universities of Basel (Switzerland) and Bonn (Germany) and the Center for Asian Studies, University of Ghana. Here, his line of research is themed "The Roaring Dragon, the Crouching Tiger and the Rising Sun at the Center of the World: The Geopolitics of Asian Rivalry and the Structure of Foreign Aid in Africa". Beginning November 2023 to March 2024, he will take up a fellowship at Academy of International Affairs NRW in Bonn, Germany to conduct research on the subject "The Empirical Anatomy of Heterarchy in African Continentalism: A Theoretical Reset beyond Hierarchy". Nene is a minimalist and a nature enthusiast.
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