Research/Areas of Interest:

Global biodiversity conservation; Transborder conservation; Migratory species conservation; Environmental History; Global environmental politics; Sustainable development diplomacy; North American border politics, with focus on environmental and conservation issues


  • Ph.D., The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University
  • MA, Tufts University, Dual Degree Program between The Fletcher School and Urban and Environmental Policy
  • B.A., Brown University


Charles C. Chester teaches global environmental diplomacy at The Fletcher School. While his research focus has been on international wildlife protection, he is currently building the website, an online guide to the full range of topics subsumed under “global environmental politics.” He co-edited the volume "Conservation & Climate Change: Landscape and Seascape Science, Planning and Action" (Island Press 2012) and authored "Conservation Across Borders: Biodiversity in an Interdependent World" (Island Press 2006), which examined the global phenomenon of transboundary collaboration for conservation biodiversity protection, with a focus on the Sonoran Desert (USA-Mexico) and the Northern Rockies of Canada and the United States (Yellowstone to Yukon). 

Before receiving his Ph.D. from Fletcher, he was the second graduate of the combined Fletcher MALD & Tufts Urban & Environmental Policy (UEP) masters degree. He serves on the board of Bat Conservation International and is chair of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Council. He previously served on the board of Root Capital and consulted for the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Henry P. Kendall Foundation. Currently, Charlie is working extensively on “payments for ecosystem services” from migratory species (focusing most particularly on bats), and is researching a book on the interwoven historical threads of gorilla conservation, European royalty, protected area philosophies, American taxidermy, and climate change.

Courses Taught

Selected Publications and Presentations


Conservation & Climate Change: Landscape and Seascape Science, Planning and Action. 2012. Island Press. Edited volume with Jodi Hilty and Molly Cross.

Conservation Across Borders: Biodiversity in an Interdependent World. 2006. Island Press.

Articles & chapters

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