Matías Nicolás Kuret

Matías Nicolás Kuret


On the LLM

When I was awarded a scholarship from the Fulbright Commission and the Argentine Ministry of Education, the Fletcher LLM program was my first choice. What attracted me to Fletcher was the curriculum’s focus on how legal issues in the human rights sphere intersect with international relations, as well as it’s approaches to teaching conflict resolution. The multidisciplinary perspective offered at Fletcher not only helps to better understand legal matters in an international context, but encourages students to develop applicable skills, such as lateral thinking, and instills a sense of creativity in approaching those problems. Fletcher helped me understand that law and litigation are not the only tools available for addressing human rights issues and introduced me to the various alternatives.

On the flexibility to address the problems you want to solve

When tailoring your curriculum, Fletcher allows you to not only focus on your interests, but to experiment with courses outside your area to help you develop novel approaches to your field. You can take what you studied in one class and adapt it to your coursework in another. The variety of courses and seminars offered at Fletcher encourages you to be versatile, to think outside the box, and to exchange ideas with faculty members and students who have radically different perspectives. Personally, I have taken advantage of this intellectual diversity to expose myself to unique approaches to the human rights issues I am focused on solving.

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Latin American Group
  • Fletcher School's International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club

Education before Fletcher

  • First Degree in Law, National University of Cuyo

Experience before Fletcher

  • Law Clerk, Federal Attorney's Office before the Second Criminal Court, Mendoza, Argentina
  • Assistant Professor on Criminal Procedure, University of Congreso, School of Law, Mendoza, Argentina
  • Legal Advisor, Southern Lights Group, Mendoza, Argentina


Spanish, German, English