Kudrat Chaudhary

Kudrat Chaudhary




On the LLM

The LLM Program of Fletcher functions in a very different way as compared to the other schools providing the same degree. The course approach is very multidisciplinary which can be known from the fact that there is no seclusion from MALD, MIB etc. students. Students study together, irrespective of the program they're enrolled in. This means in one class there will always be a mix of an economist, a lawyer, a humanitarian aid worker, a military officer or an academician, amongst many others. Such diversity only helps in understanding a concept or an issue in much better light. Given the wide array of courses we have to choose from, it gives us a lot of room to decide what we want to focus on while at Fletcher. For the LLMs it's so interesting to see that no two students are interested or working in the same field. Some are interested in law of the seas, some in negotiations and some in trade law.

A favorite class

My favorite classes so far have been the Gender Culture and Conflict Class taught by Professor Dyan Mazurana and the Processes of Negotiations taught by Professor Diana Chigas especially because I am interested in conflict resolution and gender in the international law backdrop. Both these classes are very different from each other, but yet so interconnected. The readings are eye-opening and provide a lot of perspective to view conflicts with a gendered perspective and helps one understand how these situations can be solved with effective negotiating skills. The structure of the classes are very interactive, open and accommodating. The discussions are fruitful to the extent that there is always tremendous amounts to learn from them, there is always a revelatory take away from them and this adds very well to building one's perspective to understand the world better. Both Professor Mazurana and Professor Chigas have worked in the field for years and it's very interesting to listen to their stories, which they beautifully weave with the subject matter of the courses that they teach.

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Committee on Student Academic Programs
  • Fletcher LEADS
  • Fletcher Global Women
  • Fletcher Student Admissions Committee
  • Harvard Mediation and Negotiation Clinic

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor in Law (Five years integrated), Law, Army Institute of Law
  • Certificate, Leadership and Governance, Department of Leadership and Governance, Punjab University
  • Executive Certificate, Leading Non Violent Movements for Social Progress, Harvard Kennedy Executive Program

Experience before Fletcher

  • Legal Associate, Jurisconsultus, India
  • Policy Planner, Bhajan Global Impact Foundation, New Delhi ,India
  • Policy Intern, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, India


Hindi, Punjabi, English