Khadija Mohamud

Khadija Mohamud


Fields of Study

  • Gender Analysis in International Studies
  • Human Security


United States

On the curriculum

The Fletcher curriculum aims to train students to analyze the historical, economic, political, and social factors that inform current global issues and require multi-level interventions and coordination amongst a range of stakeholders. Additionally, the nature of group work and innovative class assignments provide immense insight into real life scenarios that students may face as policy analysts, advisors, diplomats, negotiators, activists, or advocates. Professors and fellow colleagues are all committed to providing academic and professional resources to any member of the Fletcher community. Consequently, the learning environment at Fletcher fosters critical thinking, professional development, and interpersonal interactions. Overall, the flexibility of the curriculum allows you to explore your academic interests and expand the breadth in which you seek to understand a particular policy issue.

Something that has surprised you

I have been amazed by the endless opportunities that students enjoy by being a member of the Fletcher community during their time at Tufts and beyond. The Fletcher community seeks to uplift and support every one of its members by constantly giving back to others. The faculty and staff are devoted to providing all students with the resources and support that they need to thrive academically and professionally.

Activities at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Students of Color and Allies
  • International Migration Group

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service, International Politics, Georgetown University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Interned in the& Processing Operations section for Migration and Refugee Services at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).
  • Interned at the US Department of State's Bureau of Europe and Eurasian Affairs' Office of Policy and Global Issues.


Somali, Arabic, Spanish, English