Kelsey Aulakh

Kelsey Aulakh


Fields of Study

  • Business for Social Impact
  • Development Economics


United States

On collaboration and teamwork at Fletcher

Most of the courses at Fletcher require a significant amount of group work. This is a huge benefit to students. There is no better way to gain relevant experience that is highly applicable to the professional world than by managing team dynamics, debating different paths forward and working towards finding a consensus. Additionally, because of the diversity of students at Fletcher and their different backgrounds, you can learn so much from your peers. In fact, I've found that I've learned as much from my peers during my time here as I have from my professors.

On something that has surprised you

One of the things that has surprised me since arriving here is how accessible the faculty are. Since Fletcher is smaller than other institutions, I was expecting professors to be slightly more accessible here, but not to the extent that I've experienced so far. To offer an example, recently, a few classmates and I joined an emerging markets case competition and had a tight deadline to submit our proposal. We hoped to get two professors feedback, so we asked to meet with them at the last minute. They both got back to us immediately and one of them met with us within 10 minutes of our request. The faculty is on your team here. They want you to succeed and they want to help.

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Project Lead, Harvard Law & International Development Society (LIDS)
  • Conference Report Drafter, Institute for Business in the Global Context, "Ocean's Turn" Conference
  • Consulting Club

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Arts, International Affairs, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

Experience before Fletcher

  • Legislative Assistant & Deputy Communications Director, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC


French, German, Swahili, English