Jonathan Andrade

Jonathan Andrade


Fields of Study

  • International Business and Economic Law
  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy

The value of the Fletcher degree

My degree provided me with an incredible understanding of business while incorporating aspects of law and international relations. Being able to anchor my business education within the context of world affairs is a value-add that few degrees elsewhere can offer. Further, I had the opportunity to expand my business education by taking multiple classes at Harvard Business School. When coupled with the courses I took at Fletcher, I gained insights into business that challenged the common adage that a company’s main aim is to maximize shareholder value. My time at Fletcher helped me understand that the true aim of a company can be much, much greater than that. Instead of seeking the best return possible, for-profit companies are distinctly positioned to add value to local economies, assist employees through life events, help protect threatened environments and act as a force for good - if structured appropriately. Without a doubt, I learned most from my peers. Their differing perspectives challenged me on a daily basis to consider different problems from multiple viewpoints.

Fletcher Thesis

Undersea Data Collection: A Case for Dual-Use Submarine Cable

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • TA for Prof. Chakravorti's Strategic Management course (B238)
  • Fletcher Veteran’s Club, Co-Leader
  • International Business Club, Co-Leader
  • Fletcher Social Investment Group

Summer Internship

  • International Business Development Analyst, Textron Systems, Wilmington, M

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Science, Comparative Politics, US Military Academy at West Point
  • Master of Business Administration, Liberty University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Captain, US Army, serving as a pilot and military intelligence officer flying in the US, South Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq


Spanish, English