Jade Rhoads

Jade Rhoads


Fields of Study

  • International Security Studies
  • Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization


United States

On choosing Fletcher

I am a member of the Tuscarora Nation and belong to the Deer Clan. Growing up on the reservation and being immersed in my culture has tied me to my community and given me the worldview that I carry today. I chose Fletcher because diverse perspectives are appreciated here. No one is so foreign that they cannot connect with others. In my experience, I've found that there are more similarities between people than differences. The ability to see these important points of connection is apparent at The Fletcher School. At Fletcher, there is no “us versus them” mentality. The student body is far too diverse for this kind of thinking. Furthermore, the faculty do not teach in this manner. Fletcher instills critical thinking and encourages students to explore all perspectives on an issue in order to gain a fuller understanding.

My path to Fletcher

I first learned about Fletcher at the 2017 Udall Scholar Orientation. I became acquainted with an orientation leader who was currently attending The Fletcher School. After she learned that I was a Tribal Public Policy Udall Scholar and intended to study international security, she recommended I apply to The Fletcher School. I had never heard of Fletcher before and had my heart set on a graduate program in Washington, D.C., but after researching I realized Fletcher was a much better fit for me. In the end, I chose Fletcher not only for the diversity of the student body and faculty, but because the MALD program would allow me to expand past the narrow security track I originally intended to pursue.

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Russia and Eurasia Program
  • Center for Strategic Studies
  • Fletcher Students of Color and Allies

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Arts, Russian Language, Literature, and Culture, Syracuse University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Geography, Syracuse University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Field Service Engineer, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Afghanistan
  • Satellite Support Engineer, TeleCommunication Systems, Afghanistan
  • Satellite Communications Technician, Rockwell Collins, Afghanistan


Tuscarora, Spanish, Russian, English