Eugenia Lostri

Eugenia Lostri




On the LLM

What drew my attention about the LL.M. degree at Fletcher was the multidisciplinary approach related to a legal program. I knew I wanted to study international law and refocus on the legal field. However, the international relations perspective I received from my professional experience was not something I wanted to overlook. Therefore, when I found a legal program that took into consideration the international context, I knew it was a perfect fit.

On the curricular experience

When designing your curriculum, Fletcher allows you to choose from a variety of courses and shape your experience according to your interests. They say no two Fletcher degrees are the same, and I found that to be true; everyone comes here with a different set of experiences and expectations and shape their program accordingly. Personally, I have been able to focus on the intersections between public international law and cybersecurity. However, the wide array of possibilities has allowed me to take classes that are not intimately connected to my main focus, but have enriched my experience and outlook on the issues I study.

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Research Assistant to Dr. Greenacre
  • Conference on Gender and International Affairs
  • Fletcher Conference on International Law and Cyber Governance

Education before Fletcher

  • First Degree in Law, Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina

Experience before Fletcher

  • Advisor, Secretary for Strategic Affairs - Argentine National Government, Argentina
  • Advisor, Undersecretary for International and Institutional Relations - City of Buenos Aires Government, Argentina


Spanish, French, English