Colin Wall

Colin Wall



United States

On the MATA

The uniqueness of the MATA degree program is the primary reason I was drawn to The Fletcher School. As I was choosing a graduate program, most of my options had a strong brand name and extensive alumni networks, but only one seemed tailor-made for my preferences. I have been fascinated with transatlantic affairs for some timeĀ and Fletcher was offering a brand new program where I could study just that. Similarly, interning at The Stimson Center instilled in me a respect for multi-disciplinary approaches to policy issues, so the breadth of course possibilities at Fletcher was an important factor for me. The opportunity to travel abroad for coursework at The College of Europe and the internship component of the MATA program were both compelling draws as well. I did not want my graduate experience to be purely an academic one and the MATA program provides the perfect chance to supplement classroom studies with more hands-on experience. I was also excited by the possibility of being at the forefront of such an innovative degree program. It is truly thrilling to watch it take shape. Finally, I chose the MATA program because of the people here at Fletcher. On my visit day, I immediately got the sense that my fellow students were bright, experienced, engagedĀ and friendly. I wanted to continue to be around these incredible individuals and learn from them and, so far, my expectations have been exceeded.

On extracurricular opportunities

The Fletcher School provides incredible opportunities outside the classroom as well as inside. Recently, I was fortunate enough to travel with the Maritime Studies program to the Arctic Circle Assembly, an international conference on Arctic affairs in Reykjavik, Iceland. I have been passionate about the Arctic for some time, so I was extremely grateful for the chance to travel there (with a generous Fletcher stipend) and speak to professionals, academics and diplomats who specialize in the region. I learned a great deal and even had time to explore the city. It was also a tremendous bonding experience and a great opportunity to get to know a few of my fellow students in a non-academic setting.

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • The Fletcher Forum on World Affairs
  • Fletcher Futbol

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Arts, Government & International Studies, Franklin & Marshall College

Experience before Fletcher

  • Paralegal Assistant, Holland & Knight, LLP, Boston, MA
  • Intern, The Stimson Center, Washington, D.C.
  • Intern, The Deval Patrick Committee, Boston, MA


Italian, Spanish, Russian, English