Fall 2020 Semester Courses

Please find a list of courses being offered during our Fall 2020 semester.

Climate and Migration, New

The Pandemic as Contemporary History, New

International Security, New

Civil Resistance, New

Climate Change Law and Policy, New

Large Investments, and International Project Finance

GIS for International Applications

Privacy in the Digital Age

Cyber in the Civilian Sector: Threats and Upheavals 

Cyber Risk Management

International Cyber Conflict

Legal and Institutional Aspects of International Trade 

The Role of Force in International Politics 

How Systems Work

Computer Science for Future Presidents

Doctoral Seminar in Research Approaches and Methods

U.S.-E.U. Relations in the 21st Century: Multidisciplinary Analysis of Transatlantic Affairs 

Managerial Economics 

Quantitative Methods 

Foundations in Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance 


Financial Statement Management 


Ethics in the Practice of Foreign Affairs

War and Society in the Middle East in Historical Perspective 


Foreign Relations of Modern China 

Politics of the Global Economy

Development Economics: Policy Analysis

Climate Change Law and Policy

Development Economics: Macroeconomic Perspectives

International Law Practicum

Advanced Seminar on International Trade

Corporate Management of Environmental Issues 

Conflict Resolution Theory 

Global Investment Management

Conflict Resolution Theory

International Humanitarian Law

Analytic Frameworks for International Public Policy Decisions 

International Finance

National Security Decision Making

Data Analysis and Statistical Methods for Business

Foreign Relations and National Security Law 

Development Aid in Practice 

The Arabs and Their Neighbors 

Gender Theory and Praxis

Europe in Changing World Order

Leadership, Teams, Orgs

International Law and Migration

Conflict in Africa 

Work and Employment Relations in the 21st Century 

Arts of Communication

Civil Resistance

Processes of International Negotiation 

Marketing Management

Transitional Justice

Gender, Culture and Conflict in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies 

International Organizations

Energy, Entrepreneurship & Finance 

Migration and Transnationalism in Latin America 

Design Monitoring and Evaluation

The Politics of the Korean Peninsula: Foreign and Inter-Korean Relations 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Islam and Politics: Religion and Power in World Affairs

International Communication

Introduction to Economic Theory

Environmental Problem Solving

The International Legal Order 

Managing Operations and Supply Chains in Global Companies 

Processes of International Negotiation 

Econometric Impact Evaluation for Development