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Your International Relations Book Recommendations for the 2020 Summer Solstice

Dan Drezner shares four books for recommended summer reading, via his Washington Post column.

The hard-working staff here at Spoiler Alerts will be on vacation next week. Not a staycation, but a real one! I would ordinarily crack a joke here about how it would be nice if the world did not fall apart while I was gone. In 2020, those jokes are no longer funny.

I will, of course, be bringing many books with me for my vacation. There are quite a few books that might be of some interest given current events. The most notable one is John Bolton’s “The Room Where It Happened,” but that will not go on the recommended list. Between Peter Baker’s New York Timesstory, Josh Dawsey’s Washington Post account, and Bolton’s excerpt in the Wall Street Journal, you already have the highlights. The only reason left to peruse the book is Bolton’s writing and I, for one, do not need to read, in the words of one acerbic reviewer, close to 500 pages of “clotted prose” that “has been written with so little discernible attention to style and narrative form that he apparently presumes an audience that is hanging on his every word.”

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