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Why ‘Lock Him up’ Is Almost as Bad as ‘Lock Her up’

Dan Drezner explains why we shouldn't tolerate 'lock him up' chants against Trump, via his Washington Post column.

Pessimism about the future of American democracy — so hot right now. Ever since Tim Snyder wrote “On Tyranny” and Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt penned “How Democracies Die,” it has been chic to say that the common democratic values that bind our country are imperiled. This comes out particularly strongly when Trump tweets about being in office past 2024, or when commentators fret about whether Trump would try to cling to power even if he lost at the ballot box.

I have found most of these scenarios pretty ludicrous, but Tom Pepinsky wrote a very, very disturbing essay in Politico that did get me to worrying. His argument is that polarization in the United States has spread beyond policy disagreements to more fundamental disagreements about the U.S. political regime.

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