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What Did You Do When You Knew Climate Change Threatened Our World?

Dean Rachel Kyte explores the role of academia in the fight against climate change, via an op-ed in The Boston Globe.

Two months into 2020 and Earth’s climate is off to a turbulent start. This is now our new normal.

College students today are surveying a very different world from the one their parents inherited: Ocean heat blooms, Australian bushfires, and a flurry of corporate announcements on getting to net-zero global heating emissions, from JetBlue to Microsoft to Larry Fink’s sustainability letter to Blackrock clients. At the World Economic Forum last month, the push for a net-zero economy assumed center stage. The discussion was marked by a new seriousness and even a little humility. But for every banker who warned of the risks of being caught on the backside of the shift to an economy with net-zero emissions before mid-century, there were probably a dozen more who felt that this didn’t factor into their short-term thinking and that it wasn’t their problem anyway.

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