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What Can a Government With a Need to Repress Do in an Era of the Equally Irrepressible Internet? Look to China

Bhaskar Chakravorti shares tips for upgrading India's tech capabilities, via his Indian Express column.

Dear Hon’ble Minister of Digital Repression, Government of India,

I am sorry if you were planning to read this article on your smartphone and are stuck in a part of the country experiencing an internet shutdown. That would be ironic. Of course, you know you could always go out and buy an old-fashioned print version of this newspaper, but that would not be in keeping with our collective commitment to Digital India. But I digress. Onwards to the main points I wanted to share with you — all essential tips for upgrading your ministry’s tech capabilities to 2020 to secure India from hooligans demonstrating against the Citizenship Amendment Act, reading the Indian Constitution in public and committing other such acts of moral turpitude.

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