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There Needs to be a Debate About the U.S. Approach to Economic Sanctions

Sanctions are now a ubiquitous tool of American foreign policy, says Dan Drezner in his Washington Post column.

American University professor Jim Goldgeier recently did what Jim Goldgeier usually does, which is take notice of an interesting foreign policy debate and frame it in an accessible way for the rest of us. After reviewing recent exchanges among conservatives and progressives on rethinking American foreign policy, he concluded in an essay for the War on the Rocks website that, “the humility induced by failed military interventions provides a huge opening to those who seek to build a more restrained American attitude toward the use of force than existed at the height of American power two decades ago.” Goldgeier expressed hope that a new bipartisan consensus might exist to craft a more restrained but far-from-isolationist foreign policy.

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