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On Super Tuesday Expect Dueling Narratives Throughout the Night on Sanders, Biden and Bloomberg

Fellow Adam Goodman anticipates contradicting messages on Super Tuesday, in an op-ed for Fox News.

We may be seeing a replay of one of the longest nights in American political history when Americans were told one thing happened before it was proved just the opposite took place.

At 7:50 p.m eastern on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2000, America’s networks declared former Vice President Al Gore had won Florida, paving his path to four more years in the White House but this time as president of the United States. Eight hours later, we learned an alternate reality: then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush may have carried the Sunshine State and its electoral motherlode, enough to earn him the spoils of victory.

I see Super Tuesday potentially becoming super confusing as pundits seek to outduel in each in proclaiming the meaning of it all. Expressions like “Biden soars," “Bloomberg swells" and “Bernie triumphs” could all be uttered within a single primary night as shotgun analysis falters in the face of empirical truth.

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