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A Second Look at Joe Biden’s Thoughts on Foreign Policy

Dan Drezner reevaluates the three overarching themes in Biden's foreign policy outlook, via his Washington Post column.

Earlier this week, the hard-working staff here at Spoiler Alerts asked whether, late as it was, “The Party Decides” hypothesis could still explain the 2020 Democratic primary. As it turns out, the results from Super Tuesday were pretty conclusive. Bernie Sanders won some states, including the largest prize of California, but a lot of his victory was due to mail-in votes before the party coalesced around Joe Biden. According to FiveThirtyEight, Sanders still has an 8 percent chance of winning the nomination; Biden, however, has a better than 30 percent chance of doing the same.

One of the interesting data points from Super Tuesday is that, contrary to his campaign’s expectations, Sanders failed to generate a surge of new young voters. To be sure, the senator from Vermont crushed Biden with the under-30 demographic. As CNN’s Harry Enten noted, however, Biden thumped Sanders among older voters, and a lot more of them bothered to vote.

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