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The Paranoid Person’s Guide to Working From Home Securely

Josephine Wolff shares her tips for monitoring cyber threats while working remotely, via her Slate column.

Probably I’m the only person thinking more about how to protect her computer instead of her health right now. I don’t know anything about epidemiology or how to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but I do have a lot of ideas about how to take good care of your digital ecosystem at a moment when we’re all increasingly relying on our home devices and networks for work and school.

Obviously, virtual viruses are not our biggest concern at the moment. But the shift to remote work and education, alongside the uncertainty about official guidance and data on the spread of COVID-19, has created a lot of new opportunities for cybercrime at all levels of sophistication and seriousness. Here are some threat vectors to look out for online as you work on washing your hands more and not touching your face.

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