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Now Is the Spring Training of My Discontent

Dan Drezner shares his thoughts on the Red Sox offseason, via his Washington Post column.

This has not been a great month if you pay attention to the news. In reaction to not being removed from office, President Trump has gone on a spree that has denuded the executive branch of such qualities as professionalism and expertise. This is happening at the same time that the new coronavirus is making its presence known. In the face of a president whose only remaining check appears to be the November election, it now appears that the Democrats are poised to nominate the candidate farthest to the left on the political spectrum.

During moments like these, it helps to have other interests — not to tune out the political news, but to leaven it slightly, the way one might, say, hide vegetables in mashed potatoes to give a toddler more vitamins. Many a self-help guru, midlife advice manual and doting parent has told me that one of the keys to a balanced lifestyle is to cultivate passions outside of one’s work life.

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