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A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Crisis: Fletcher Experts Weigh In

The novel coronavirus disease is impacting everything from public health to politics and beyond. We've compiled their media insights here.

With the focus of the news media squarely on the coronavirus disease pandemic, The Fletcher School's experts have been in high demand to help make sense of the impact of COVID-19 on everything from the economy to the online spread of misinformation about the virus. They've provided insights to the difference in social contracts between nations and how that has impacted government responses in the East vs. the West; they've highlighted implications for potential progress being made on climate action; provided tips for how to work from home in a cyber-secure environment, and shared their on-the-ground medical expertise on infectious diseases as well as insights from inside the military perspective and how the national guard can assist at this time. Some of our professors have penned pieces assessing the political responsiveness of the U.S. government, or the hyper-nationalist politics we're seeing on account of COVID-19. Others have looked at history to project whether there are lessons to be learned regarding populations' political response to politicians in a pandemic or a plague, versus food shortages and famine. Still others have addressed some of the geopolitical impact between nations and separately, assessed how to better prepare next time

Below, we've shared a guide of quick links to the various media where our faculty, alumni and military fellows have provided interviews, written op-eds and been quoted in news pieces related to the coronavirus.