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A Much-Needed Stimulus for Today — and Tomorrow

Kelly Sims Gallagher emphasizes the importance of a long-term focus for today's stimulus package, in an op-ed for The Hill.

As Congress considers necessary legislation to avert a depression, it must not only consider the urgent needs of today but simultaneously create the foundations for a new American economy ready for the threats and opportunities of the 21st century. Our complacency now shaken, it’s time to look with clear eyes at how America should position itself for the coming decades. 

First, given global integration and environmental degradation, COVID-19 is not the last nasty virus that will sweep the globe. Notwithstanding the heroic doctors, nurses and others on the front lines today, our public health infrastructure is not adequate. We need a larger, highly trained public health workforce, more hospitals and rural health clinics, more secure supply chains for test kits, equipment suppliers, and better data collection and distribution systems. 

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