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This Initiative by 27-Year-Olds is Engaging Youth in Public Policy Participation

MIB student Naman Shrivastava's start-up Global Governance Initiative (GGI) is covered by Social Story.

India is the world’s largest democracy, and leaders and elected public representatives have been taking crucial decisions for all citizens since we attained Independence. 

But beneficiaries are often not consulted while deciding on certain projects or welfare schemes. And though the youth are motivated to contribute to the growth of the nation, candidates are unable to contribute productively due to limited opportunities, lack of skills, and not having correct mentorship and guidance.

Global Governance Initiative (GGI) was started by Shatakshi Sharma (27) and Naman Shrivastava (27) in July 2018 in Delhi to bridge this gap and bring youth in line with the government’s policy making.

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