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Fletcher's Institute for Business in the Global Context Launches New "Digital Planet" Research

The African Leapfrog Index paves the way for digital growth in Africa and shares country-specific recommendations.

The Fletcher School's Institute for Business in the Global Context - or IBGC - research initiative, Digital Planet, has just launched its latest research, The African Leapfrog Index. 

The Digital Planet team examined six African countries from various sub-regions of the continent – Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Africa – to draw meaningful inferences regarding the region’s digital potential. Using this framework, the research team examined the primary levers for harnessing digital technologies to facilitate development and inclusive growth, from the ease of creating digital jobs, to the resilience of governance and infrastructure, to overall foundations of digital potential. The African Leapfrog Index (ALI) identifies the strengths, weaknesses, and potential of Africa’s burgeoning digital environments and provides recommendations for each of the identified countries as to steps that can be taken to realize their digital potential. 

For a video summary of the research  watch below. 

Check out the Digital Planet's site for a more in-depth look at the research.