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Fletcher Insights: Human Security and Religion in the Time of COVID-19

Analyzing the current pandemic and our responses to it through the lens of human security.

The ongoing Fletcher Insights series brings together Fletcher experts to discuss the coronavirus pandemic through various lenses of study via Facebook live video. Participating professors offer their expertise and unique perspectives on this complex, global issue.

So how does the nexus of human security and religion come together in a world embroiled in pandemic? Eileen Babbitt, director of the Henry J. Lear Institute at The Fletcher School and a professor of practice in international conflict management sat down with Professor Elizabeth Prodromou, director of the Initiative on Religion, Law and Diplomacy at Fletcher, to discuss human security and the role of religion in response to COVID-19.   

Prodromou offers three domains for how faith communities are mitigating some of the worst effects of the coronavirus pandemic: Food security and support, psychosocial support services, and the condemning of religious and cultural scapegoating, calling it out as incompatible with faith beliefs and the universal dignity of all people.

Many local and global faith communities have demonstrated creative ideas and actions to alleviate suffering and support human security, Prodromou said. "Unfortunately, there are also examples of the negative ways that religious communities degrade human security during a pandemic. In addition to religious nationalism emerging, we see bad actors, destructive ideas, and violence coming from religious communities," she said.   

COVID-19 underlines the understanding that human security is real, measurable and multidimensional. According to Prodromou, the response must also be multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral, and multi-stakeholder. 

Want to learn more about how religion fits in to redefining a human security paradigm for the future? Watch below, or watch and share here

Fletcher Insights: Human Security and Religion in the time of COVID-19

Next up in our Fletcher Insights: Facebook Live series, we have #FletcherProfs Eileen Babbitt and Elizabeth Prodromou as they discuss human security and the role of religion in response to COVID-19. Tune in to hear more! *Note that no questions are being taken live at this time.

Posted by The Fletcher School at Tufts University on Tuesday, May 5, 2020