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Fear and Anger During a Pandemic

Dan Drezner shares a letter to future social historians about what it's like to be living in March 2020, via his Washington Post column.

No matter what President Trump says, covid-19 will be with us for a spell. The economic, social, political, and geopolitical implications of this pandemic will be the bread and butter of Spoiler Alerts for the next few months.

Today’s column is more solipsistic. Think of it as a record for our future selves: What was it like to live through the early stages of the novel coronavirus outbreak?

To stipulate at the outset: Compared to most Americans, me and mine have been well-prepared to cope with this kind of crisis. My wife works outside the house (well, she used to), which means we are a two-income upper-middle-class family. We have carved out an affluent lifestyle, complete with a home office and an affordable mortgage. I can do my job remotely; even before the pandemic I worked from home a lot. Even the research I put into writing “Theories of International Politics and Zombies” has been put to good personal use, which is a fancy way of saying we did our serious Costco runs well before most of my neighbors.

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