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That Enormous Equifax Hack Looks a Lot More Bizarre Now

Josephine Wolff reacts to the charges made in the Equifax data breach, via her Slate column.

On Monday, the Department of Justice released an indictment that alleges the Chinese government was behind the 2017 breach of Equifax that led to 147 million people’s information being stolen. The indictment, which charges four members of China’s People’s Liberation Army with carrying out the breach, is, in a way, good news for those of us worried that our stolen information might be used to conduct identity fraud or financial theft. Historically, the Chinese government has not been very interested in stealing individuals’ money or working with organized crime groups who carry out financially motivated cybercrimes. Instead, the Chinese government appears to be collecting information for espionage purposes. Cybercriminals might be able to steal the Equifax data from the Chinese government, but truth be told, it’ll probably do a better job of protecting your information than Equifax did.

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