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Emmanuel Macron’s Socially Constructed Bogeymen

Dan Drezner writes about the French president’s political war against U.S. media and the U.S. academy, via his Washington Post column.

The virtual Munich Security Conference kicked off Friday with a wary warming of ties between President Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. The New York Times’s write-up of the confab noted the overall positive tone while acknowledging Macron’s resistance to Biden’s transatlantic bonhomie: Macron “made an impassioned defense of his concept of ‘strategic autonomy’ from the United States, making the case that Europe can no longer be overly dependent on the United States as it focuses more of its attention on Asia, especially China.”

A French president with a prickly attitude toward NATO is nothing new. Macron, however, has gone further than his predecessors in treating other aspects of the United States as a threat to him and his.

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