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Coronavirus Crisis the Latest Challenge Faced by Dr. Tony Fauci

Fellow Adam Goodman praises NIH's Dr. Fauci for his guidance on the coronavirus, in an op-ed for Fox News.

Growing up, we were soothed by an array of made-for-TV medical icons who wielded their surgical tools with aptitude, and their Hippocratic Oath with attitude. They made us feel better, hopeful, more complete by cheering those whose prognoses were grim but spirits were high.

From hometown Doc Welby and a rebellious Hawkeye Pierce, to a nurturing Meredith Grey and delightfully pissy Dr. House, these fictional characters felt larger than life as they impacted our own.

Today, we have a real-life doctor-advocate, Tony (Anthony) Fauci, who is growing larger by the day as America’s best hope to stare down our biggest health crisis in more than a century.

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