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Conservative Pundits owe an Apology to Millennials. Actually, They Owe Many Apologies.

Dan Drezner argues millennials don't have it as easy as many think, via his Washington Post column.

Millennials are the worst. This line has been uttered so frequently that it has acquired its own ironic detachment. Still, many use the line in complete sincerity. There is a cottage industry of aging conservative columnists taking younger generations to task for not appreciating that life is better now than it used to be. Indeed, complaints from conservativeoutlets about college students being snowflakes is a veritable rising tide, aided and abetted by the Trump administration.

The latest contribution to this oeuvre came late last week from my Washington Post colleague Marc Thiessen.He took American millennials to task for being soft. He compared their alleged concerns about “emotional safety,” “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” to the plight of those living in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II and finds the young people wanting. Thiessen closed his column by articulating what he hoped his children remembered about Warsaw.

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