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Can the United States Be the Global Rule-Maker Again?

Dan Drezner assesses the capability of the U.S. to set global standards, via his Washington Post column.

The hard-working staff here at Spoiler Alerts has been engaged in periodic skirmishes with progressive trade policy folks about the wisdom of Elizabeth Warren’s trade vision. To recap: in July I argued that, “Warren’s trade policy would actually be more protectionist in its effects than Trump’s, something that I did not think was possible.” This led to some pushback, which caused me to double-check Warren’s trade proposals as well as the critical feedback and conclude a month later that nope, what Warren is proposing is still pretty bad and that, “on trade, Warren remains Trump with a human face.”

Finally, in September I suggested a way to suss out whether Warren was serious about trade promotion or just using it as a smokescreen for good old-fashioned protection: “If Warren is serious about trade and regulation, she should announce that her first two trade moves would be to lift most of Trump’s tariffs and to seriously negotiate a transatlantic trade and investment partnership.”

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