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Can the Democratic Party Still Decide?

Dan Drezner looks ahead to Super Tuesday for insights into the power of the Democratic establishment, via his Washington Post column.

Consider today’s Spoiler Alerts as the confluence of three factors driving coverage of the 2020 Democratic primary in this newspaper.

The first factor is that today is Super Tuesday and an awful lot of delegates will be decided on, including the very large states of Texas and California. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has either won or finished second in the first four states that cast ballots, has to be seen as the front-runner.

The second factor is whether Democratic Party elites still matter at all. In 2016, Donald Trump’s victory in the GOP presidential primary blew a gigantic hole into “The Party Decides” thesis. Trump had little support from key Republican elites, and he nonetheless triumphed over 16 other primary contenders. At the time, I noted the real death knell for the theory would be if Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton. That didn’t happen, but Sanders made it a more competitive fight than anyone expected.

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