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Bolton is Out. What will that Mean for Trump’s Foreign Policy?

Dan Drezner shares what he makes of the latest departure from the Trump White House, via his Washington Post column.

The biggest problem with writing about U.S. foreign policy in 2019 is that there is no such thing as a slow news day. I miss the lulls of, say, March 2015, when I could opine deep thoughts about why James Tiberius Kirk was an overrated captain of the USS Enterprise, and there was no urgent crisis forcing my writing hand into action.

That is not how life works in 2019. I had set up all my column ideas for this week already. I hope to get to a few of them in the coming days. The problem, of course, is that President Trump disrupts the news cycle on an almost hourly basis. Some of these disruptions, like Sharpiegate, are diverting and symbolic. Some, like Trump firing national security adviser John Bolton, are more substantive shocks.

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