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Are Countries Ready to Exit COVID-19 Lockdowns?

Lessons from a Pandemic: Nations need to consider three principles before re-opening, argues Fletcher’s Dean of Global Business Bhaskar Chakravorti.

“Lessons from a Pandemic” is an occasional video series featuring Tufts faculty offering perspectives on COVID-19.

As countries, states, and cities begin coming forward with patchwork plans to re-open their economies, Bhaskar Chakravorti, dean of global business at The Fletcher School at Tufts University examines the question of whether re-opening from lockdowns the right next step? Pulling from timely and innovative new research, undertaken with his team of Digital Planet researchers at The Fletcher School, Chakravorti weighs in with his assessments in this new video. 

Chakravorti is the founding executive director of Fletcher's Institute for Business in the Global Context and the chair of the Council on Emerging Market Enterprises. In addition, he serves on the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and is the senior advisor for digital inclusion at the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth.

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